Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes

junction box

Junction Boxes One Way Terminal

junction box

Junction Boxes Three Way - Tee

junction boxes

Junction Boxes Two Way Terminal

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Junction Boxes Four Way - Intersection

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Junction Boxes Angle


  • Material: Galvanized Steel, Metal, Plastic, Pig Iron, Ironmalleable


  • For installation of signal and power distribution networks in explosion hazardous areas, various types of terminal boxes and junction boxes are available.
  • Prevent fires and to maintain solid and reliable connection which stay tight over many years.
  • Protects a connection of two or more wires carrying electrical current.
  • For flexible placement of cable entries.
  • To prevent dirt and moisture ingress when opening.
  • Designed for the installation of high power distribution networks.
  • Used in either indoor or outdoor application.
  • For use with non-metallic sheathed cables.


  • Robust, Durable and Highly Heat Resistant.
  • Distinctive construction features facilitate installation and maintenance.
  • Suitable ingress protection and ambient temperature ranges as well as durable enclosure materials such as glass fiber reinforced polyester GRP and electro-polished stainless steel guarantee reliable operation even in very harsh environments or in locations with increased hygienic requirements.
  • Ensure safe protection and optimal adaption for every installation.


  • Thicker Base and Cover for Heavy Duty use.
  • Enclosures combine a rugged continuous hinge, seamless foam-in-place gasket and stainless steel screw-down clamps for a reliable seal that protects components from corrosive environments.
  • Clamp cover Enclosures combine a seamless foam-in-place gasket with stainless steel screw-down clamps for a consistent and reliable seal.
  • Junction Body and Cover in low copper content aluminium alloy.
  • Internal and External Stainless Steel Earth Screws fixing lugs.
  • Distribute power or consolidate signals from multiple sources to a single cable.
We can manufacture and export Junction Boxes as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us